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Solar navigation light (one color /three colors)


Κωδικός: DZ-L1 YIDA

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  • Model: DZ-L1/DZ-L1S
  • Visible range:0-3km(About 2 NM)
  • Rated power:1.5W
  • Battery capacity (lithium cell):3600mAh
  • Working voltage:3.7V
  • Charging current:150mA
  • Discharging current:320mA
  • Protection grade:IP65
  • Working temperature:-10~55
  • Housing material:PC
  • Solar panel material :Polysilicon
  • Light source: 18*chip LED
  • Light color: red/white/green/yellow( other color can be customized)
  • Flash frequency changes with the working voltage, if working voltage higher, it flashes faster, and vice versa
  • Application : oceanriverroad, engineering,etc
  • Dimensions