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Trickle Charger TCH12 SIMRAD


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  • TCH12 can be screwed down to a suitable surface using the screws provided. Take care not to overtighten, as this may damage the charger.
  • Fixing Instructions The TCH12 will charge a 700mAH battery in 14 hours, and a 850mAH in 18 hours. Check that the battery is pushed fully home into the charger to ensure that a good contact has been made. The battery can either be charged alone, or fitted into the radio.
  • The radio and battery must be thoroughly dried before charging as water will damage the charger and invalidate the warranty.
  • The power supply for the TCH12 is 12-24V DC and must be capable of supplying 100mA.
  • Connection should be made via the cable supplied with red to positive and blue to negative.  Connection to a battery should be fused (allow 250mA) b) Charging a) Connection The Axis 12V trickle charger is designed for desk top use, or can be secured to a convenient surface for onboard use in calm water.
  • The charger comes complete with a power lead & connector Operation General Trickle Charger TCH12 SIMRAD