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DC Socket


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  • Customize front faceplates on Front Runner Drawer Kits or and your Power Boc Battery Holder  with needed sockets and meters
  • The merit socket connects to your 12V/24V system and can be used to connect hella plugs to a power source
  • Range 10A / 24V DC or 20A / 12V DC
  • Wires to a 12V/24V DC power source


  • Consists of:

        1 x Merit Socket

        Rubber Cover

        Installation Nut

  • Materials used:



  • Product Dimensions:

        40mm (1.6") L x Ø 37mm (1.5")

  • Weight:

        20g (0.7oz)

  • Range:

        12V 20A DC / 24V 15A DC