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Contour Battery Master Switch


SKU: SF50633 K.J. Electronics

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  • This item is widely used in all kinds of RV ,boats, winch power cable, both apply to the inside or the outside electrical equipment's switch ,such as flashing light, chassis light, fog light, dome light and so on 
    easy to install, it could stand alone, or locked together with other switches to isolate and secure the electrical system with 12V up to 48V systems 
  • Switch to an counterclockwise 45 degree position to remove the control knob.
  • This control knob has an interchangeable labeling system allowing a full range of applications 
  • Three removable side plates provide access of up to 1/0 cables 
  • The rear cover insulating the rear terminals against any short circuits to meet ABYC requirements 
  • 2 mounting screw holes(10mm diameter) 
  • Engine must be stopped before selecting OFF 
  • This is to protect the alternator 
  • Eliminate any power draw from the battery when are not in use