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Battery Switch


SKU: SF50617-1G K.J. Electronics

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  • Compatible: The battery is installed with at the side post of the battery. Enclosed the package is a long bolt. It will help to fix the switch on the battery. The disconnect has a 3/8" hole and the working condition is DC 12V system, the rated current is 125Awith on/off position.
  • Easy Usage: The switch is a knob type. There are on and off marks on the knob. Twisting the knob will cut and connect the power battery.
  • Safety: The battery switch can cut off the battery power quickly by twisting the knob, When your vehicle has be stopped for a long time, you can twist the knob to off and kill the power drain from the battery and improve the lifespan of the battery.
  • Material: The galvanized brass switch is totally rust and corrosion resistant. And the knob is made of high strength ABS.