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4.8A USB Socket


SKU: SF-BS10-2-7U1P K.J. Electronics

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  • 2V Dual USB Socket and Cigarette Lighter Power Socket that is compatible with any standard cigarette lighter plug or lockable marine plug and USB cable.
  • It is marine grade which means it can be used in marine environments. It is weather and UV resistant.
  • This plug outlet is designed with heavy-duty nylon plastic and nickel-plated brass terminals. Installation of the USS-WMB00002 requires a two 1 1/8" holes approx.
  • 3/4” apart for mounting and has a quick male-ended connector.
  • The cigarette lighter power socket contains an interlocking system that securely locks the plugs into the outlet resulting in a secure and waterproof connection.
  • Simply line up the tabs on the plug with the arrows on the outlet and press the plug into the outlet until it locks in the socket. To remove the plug, just rotate it and pull out. This makes the connection vibration proof. The other side contains two USB connector ports. This socket kit is perfect for boaters that are refurbishing their boat panels.