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RF Coaxial Coax Handheld Radio Antenna Adapter


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  • Connector Type:
  • Connector A: UHF Jack, female Pin   
  • Connector B: UHF Jack, female Pin 
  • Type: Coaxial, UHF SO-239 to SO-239 adapter
  • Female SO-239 connectors plug into male PL-259 connectors (at the end of most radio coax cables) 
  • Each end of the adapter are exactly like the SO-239 connectors on the back of many larger radios (CB, Ham, etc).
  • The adapter are used to connect two PL-259 connectors together. Ideal for adding addition coax (extension) to an existing coax cable or creating an inline quick disconnect.
  • Used for Antennas, Coaxial cable, Radio Scanner, Ham Radio Transceiver, CB Radio Handheld & Amateur Radio Equipment.