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Power Supply


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    • The ripple voltage is very low, Do not interfere with the surrounding equipment, has strong anti interference ability.
    •  Automatic over-voltage protection and automatic recovery function: if the output voltage is higher than normal voltage range, it will automatically cut off the output, to make sure your radio work safely; when the output voltage is restored to normal, it can recover the output of 13.8V.
    •  Automatic over-current protection function: if the output current is greater than the maximum value or output short circuit load, it will automatically cut off the power output, make sure your power safe.
    •  Input phase reversal protection: when you input voltage is reversed, this power will automatically stop working, to avoid damage to your car, ship power.
    •  Input, output reverse connection protection: when your input and output wiring is reversely connected, the power to stop working, protect your equipment safety, avoid damage.