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  • UHF-MALE (PL259) connector is Nickel plated, Silver-Plated center pin, Bakelite insulation and heavy duty knurling. Connector is 1.56" long with a .72" dia. A nice low-cost hi-Quality general purpose connector for use on small and medium size coaxial cables .199" to .432" outer diameter. These are the BETTER QUALITY Made in Taiwan ones!
    The UHF male coaxial connector is commonly referred to as a PL-259 . It is by far the most widely used coaxial connector in amateur radio, citizens' band radio, and marine VHF radio. They can handle RF power levels over one kilowatt (1kW). Common for most of the larger 50 ohm cable such as RG8, RG213, RG214 and others. The voltage rating is 500 volts RMS. Connector is Nickel-Plated, and Bakelite phenolic insulator. It DOES NOT MELT when over-heated! - Now made in Taiwan as are our Silver-Plated PL-259 connectors.. (Better quality). We also have the reducers in stock for the RG-8X or the smaller RG58 cable.