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KFish-7 7" Color Digital Fish Finder


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  • User Friendly design for simplified operation
  •  A wide Variety of display modes : A-scope, bottom-lock - expansion, marker zoom and unique bottom zoom displays
  • Potent 600 W transceiver.
  • 8-color presentation(including background) on a 7″ diagonal TFT LCD Display, providing vivid presentation of underwater conditions
  • The AUTO function permits unattended range and gain setting operations. The range scale and gain change automatically so that the bottom is displayed in reddish brown or red on the lower half of the screen.
  •  Sonar Sound Function generate fish tone when there fish beneath your boat.
  •  Automatic Fish Size measuring function to tell you the size of fish school or school of fishes
  •  A-Scope display gives excellent bottom fish discrimination, vital for bottom trawler and lobster/crab plotter.
  •  Alarms: fish, bottom, water temperature(requires appropriate sensor)
  •  Eight pulse lengths for excellent performance on both shallow and deep ranges
  •  Water temperature sensor optionally available


  • Main unit KFish-7
  • Transducer Options Available (specify when ordering)
  • Standard installation material
  • Operator manual