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Explorer 23 WiFi + RC45 Remote Control


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  • Tough and reliable
            The back-lit keyboard is easy to use even with gloves and in any condition. The optional                     remote control gives and extra hand, for example to quickly save marks during your activity.
  • HDMI Video output
            EXPLORER 23 Wi-Fi is compatible with any HDMI display to provide an HD resolution                       experience!
  • NMEA 0183 & 2000

            EXPLORER 23 Wi-Fi is extremely versatile as it comes with two NMEA 0183 serial ports                  and one NMEA 2000 port to connect any compatible device such as AIS, autopilot, engine,                etc.

  • Configure your desired view
            Beside choosing any display size, you can also configure the multi-vision layout with fish                     finder, map and data boxes: full page or split page, with no data, one or two rows of data.
  • Customize the function keys
            With EXPLORER 23 WiFi, you can configure the four functional keys with your desired                       function shortcuts, for the top used commands.
  • Never miss a thing
            Browse the Fish Finder history up  to 5 minutes (when connected to a fish finder) and, if you               find anything interesting, place a mark on it! With the Cursor Box smart function, point the                   cursor on map to instantly view distance and bearing.
  • Software updatescome easy
            Keep your controller alwaysup to date, thanks to theWiFi connectivity.
  • Join the CaptainCloud
            Syncronize your data with CaptainCloud and manage routes, tracksand marks from any                     connected device. Build your favorite routes easilyat home, and find them ready on board!