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Explorer 23


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  • Tough and reliable

            The back-lit keyboard is easy to use even with gloves and in any condition. The optional                     remote control gives and extra hand, for example to quickly save marks during your activity.

  • HDMI Video output

            EXPLORER 23 is compatible with any HDMI display to provide an HD resolution experience!

  • NMEA 0183 & 2000

           EXPLORER 23 is extremely versatile as it comes with two NMEA 0183 serial ports and one                NMEA  2000 port to connect any compatible device such as AIS, autopilot, engine, etc.

  • Configure your desired view

            Beside choosing any display size, you can also configure the multi-vision layout with fish                    finder, map and data boxes: full page or split page with no data, one or two rows of data.

  • Customize the function keys

            With EXPLORER 23, you can configure the four functional keys with your desired function                  shortcuts, for the top used commands.

  • Never miss a thing

           Browse the Fish Finder history up  to 5 minutes (when connected to a fish finder) and, if you               find  anything interesting, place a mark on it! With the Cursor Box smart function, point the                 cursor on map  to instantly view distance and bearing.