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Double UHF PL-259 male to male connector


SKU: KJ1173 K.J. Electronics

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  • UHF male PL-259 double-ended connector, all brass, nickel-plated.
  • Prevent damage to the UHF antenna connection of your amateur radio due to having to change antenna for base, mobile, or a different style of use of the antenna stock. The adapter will take all the wear; instead the chassis connector is worn or loose. You can now quickly and safely change the more popular and wider selection of available BNC antennas, and help protect your radio against damage, all at a low cost.
  • The adapter allows you to:
  • 1. Quick change of antennas for basic, mobile or different use.
  • 2. Use the more popular and wider selection available from UHF antennas.
  • 3. Do not allow the chassis connector to wear or become detached due to antenna changes.