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  • Two selectable frequencies

           Two types of the broadband transducer are available for your               choice.
           Two selective frequencies can be set and changed during use               within the ranges below.
           TDM-071 (38 to 65 kHz)
           TDM-091D (42 to 65 kHz, 130 to 210 kHz)
           Flexible selection of frequencies by 0.1kHz step enables the                 user to stay away from interference with the sounders on the               other vessels.

  • Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™)

           The Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™) technology has enabled                 low noise, high resolution and outstanding distance of                         detection.

  • Detection area display

           Know exactly the bottom area covered by the low and high                 frequency sound beams. This can help you target the fish                    directly under the boat or off to the side.

  • Store Image

           Stores up to 10 screen images in built-in memory for recall                  later by a single touch.

  • Sona-Tone™

          Exclusive Sona-Tone identifies what’s under your boat with                  different sounds for fish and schools of fish.

  • Auto Function

          Takes the guesswork out of operating the sounder. Even a                    novice user can achieve professional results by letting the CVS-            1410B pick the optimum settings for such functions as Range,              Shift and TVG.

  • Connection with JB-38

     You can connect to existing transducers using JB-38 (Option).