Radio Survey Certificates

Radio Survey Cyprus

K.J. Marine Electronics LTD in Cyprus is approved by leading classification societies to perform radio surveys worldwide. All of our radio surveyors are qualified engineers and experienced radio technicians trained on GMDSS General Operator Certificate Course ( GOC) and have expertise on various radio make and models. 

All Vessels in Survey Must Comply

All vessels in survey must have be inspected by a registered radio survey inspector and receive a certificate to comply to the rules and regulations. 

Marine Radio Surveys and Inspections are one of few registered companies specific to providing the required certificates. 

At the heart of every vessel is its bridge - vital information delivered by sophisticated systems.  These systems are essential for keeping the vessel operational and must work efficiently and effectively 24 hours seven days a week. 

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The vessels bridge and its navigation and communications system is where our interest begins. 

-          Radio Inspections are required at initial survey, then not less than once every 4 years; and

-          Radio Surveys are required at initial survey, and then annually; and

-          Radio certificates are required to meet expected standards.

The importance of a Marine VHF Radio

-          To communicate distress immediately

-          To obtain continuous contact with search and rescue nationwide

-          To hear other boaties in distress

-          To get regular weather updates

-          VHF lets you talk to many people

-          It could save your life in an emergency 

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