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Si-Tex T-760 touch & 450mm multi-speed radar 24NM radome



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  • 7 inches vertical LCD color touch screen;
  • 800x480px resolution;
  • Vertical display for maximum sonar resolution;
  • Not plastic case;
  • Double mounting options: flush or braket;
  • Very small dimensions: 13.7x22.6x8.9cm (5.4x8.9x3.5");
  • Intuitive touch screen/rotary dial control;
  • T-760: 18 inches radome antenna, 1/8 to 24NM;
  • T-761: 24 inches radome antenna, 1/8 to 48NM;
  • T-760 and T-761: 4kW;
  • Multi-speed (16/27/36/48 rpm) antenna rotation for optimum performance in real-world conditions;
  • Instantaneous readout;
  • Standard 50 target AIS tracking;
  • Standard 10 target MARPA;
  • ATA Tracking Capacity/Range;
  • Anti Sea/Rain Clutter: Auto/Manual;
  • Features include Relative Motion/True Motion/Head-Up/North-Up;
  • Trail Indication: Off, 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 6min, 10min, 15min, 30min, Cont.;
  • Target Data: True Bearing, Range, True Course, True Speed, CPA, TCPA;
  • Target Alarms: CPA/TCPA, New Target, Lost Target, System;
  • Power Supply: DC 12/24V - 10/+30%;
  • Power Consumption: Approx. 50W;
  • Optional color RGB video output for additional screen;