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Si-Tex MDA-1 Metadata Class B AIS Transceiver



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  • Constructed from tough marine grade plastic;
  • Unit is Built into an IPx7 waterproof shell;
  • SI-TEX Metadata AIS products are IPx7 waterproof, small and designed to operate reliably for years in the harshest of marine environments.

Built-In GPS Antenna:

  • Metadata Class B has an internal (50) Channel GPS Smart antenna removing the need for an external GPS antenna in many installations;
  • The SI-TEX Metadata Class B AIS Transceiver has an integrated GPS Smart Antenna system, with the option of using an external GPS Antenna if needed;
  • Saves installation time and cost in addition to being space efficient.

Rmax™ AIS Technology:

  • SI-TEX Metadata Class B AIS Transceivers use the new Rmax™ next generation of advanced AIS technology;
  • Next generation Rmax™ Class B engine, which provides maximum range and exceptionally efficient real time AIS message processing for all AIS message types;
  • This technology maximizes receive range and transmit range and ensures that all available messages are received and fully decoded in real time.

USB Power and Data:

  • The SI-TEX Metadata Class B AIS Transceiver has a range of intelligent interfaces including USB, which is also able to power the device;
  • Built in NMEA 0183, USB and NMEA 2000 facilitate simple plug and play installations.