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Middle Mounting Panel


SKU: SF-BS2 K.J. Electronics

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  • This middle mounting panel is meant to be combined with more middles, then two end mounting panels, to make one “bank” or row of contra switches.


    They snap together quite solidly… very difficult to pull back apart.  The seams are nearly invisible, it’s really a great product for the price.


    Without a mounting bracket like this, you pretty much have to CNC your rocker switch holes like we do on our custom marine switch and dash panels.  The flange on a contura rocker switch is only about 0.06″.  By contrast the flange on this mounting panel is over 3x the size at 0.20″


    This mounting panel will take up about 1.0″ x 2.3″ overall on your dash.


    Our mounting panel is compatible with both our printed boat rocker switches, and our etched and backlit illuminated boat rocker switches.