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HX-2600 NAVTEX Receiver


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  • ID Bl shore station through the choice of animal husbandry and do not automatically reject the message information.
  • Through the ID of the message type of option B2 certain types of packets will not display, print or Sent to the INS interface, but the A, B, D, L type, except the message.
  • A signal processor, LCD display, INS interfaces, antenna protection, information storage, such as whether Self-test function to work properly.
  • At least each line display can show 47 characters, at least 12 rows of information display text.
  • Receive a clear display of characters “*” symbol.
  • At least each receiver can stably store 200 average length of 500 characters of information.
  • 8000 can store the length of individual characters of information.
  • Each receiver 200 can store information within the identification tag.
  •  to avoid the display or storage has been correctly received packets of information.
  •  The received after 60-72 hours, information is automatically cleared from memory. If the receiver To more information than the storage capacity, the first of the information is automatically cleared.
  • When the error rate is more than 33%, the receiver does not store or display the message information and information identification.
  • The device’s memory code information will not be six hours of power supply interruption is cleared