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  • Koden Digital Filtering (KDF™)

            Eliminates clutter by filtering out the noise to provide a clearer                      more detailed image that enhances fish targets in shallow and                      deep depths, making it easier to differentiate between baitfish,                      larger fish, schools of fish and the sea floor.

  • 600 W or 1 kW Output Power

            The 1 kW is more suitable for detection at deeper bottom.

  • RGB Output to VGA Monitor

            RGB output for connecting optional external VGA monitor.

  • Exclusive Sona-Tone

           Identifies what’s under your boat with different sounds for fish and               schools of fish.

  • Easy Operation

            Easy access to all system functions with backlit keypad,                                programmable function keys, comprehensive menus, and                            dedicated rotary knobs for instant control of HF and LF Gain.

  • Store Image

            Stores up to 10 screen images in built-in memory for recall later by              “one-touch”.

  • Fishing Hot Spot

           Leads you back to your favorite fishing hot spots or other previously             saved positions in memory with input from optional GPS sensor.

  • Auto Function

           Digitally selects the most reliable setting for such functions as Gain,             Range, and Shift.


  • Sunlight Viewable
    Brilliant 8.4” color LCD display with 8, 16, or 64 color levels and an anti-reflective coating for excellent readability in direct sunlight.
  • Easy Installation
    Sleek, waterproof (IPX5 rating) case design with built-in overhead and flush mounting for easy installation.