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120W Marine Amplifier (Microphone Included)



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 Marine amplifier:

  • Model : DZ-120W
  • Size: 160*55*145mm
  • Power supply: 24V
  • Loudness: 128dB;
  • Rated power: 50W;
  • Maximum power: 120W
  • Output impedance: 8
  • Panel description: power switch / volume, microphone
  • socket, audio amplifier button, whistle button
  • 2. Microphone :
  • Model No: DZ-518G
  • Frequency: 300-3 Kilocycle
  • Impedance: 300
  • an integrated device, containing MIC, whistle, audio amplifier, enlarge / diminish sound source. With the most advanced MCU control, the sound from such siren hears consistently pure without any noise. According to the investigation the sound from such siren can be heard within 1km in the ocean.